The sovereign corporate body of ESFAM is the general assembly of the members that has all the powers to carry out ESFAM’s corporate purpose.

All members of the association are represented in the general assembly and have voting power proportional to their turnover.

The General Assembly appoints the members of the Board of Directors and its Chairman.  It approves the accounts and the budget.

ESFAM is managed by the Board of Directors which is composed of 4 directors and its Chairman who are chosen amongst the members.

The Board of Directors has all the powers of administration and management which are not expressly entrusted to the General Assembly by law or by the Articles of association of ESFAM.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors is responsible for ensuring the proper functioning of the Association as well as the execution of the decisions taken by the General Assembly.

The Secretary General of ESFAM ensures the daily management of the Association under the supervision of the Chairman of the Board. He/she is appointed by the Board of Directors.

The Technical Committee of ESFAM is responsible for discussing technical issues and preparing decisions of the Board of Directors and General Assembly.

ESFAM’s budget is essentially made up of membership fees, which is proportional to their voting power in the General Assembly.