Our Story

ESFAM is an international non profit organization located in Belgium which has been created in 2009.

ESFAM is an international non-profit association whose members are leading European manufacturers of hunting and sport shooting weapons. The association, which is governed by the Belgian law of June 27, 1921, was created in 2009. Its main mission is to represent its members towards the European and international authorities.


Our Mission

ESFAM closely monitors all legislative developments as well as technical, scientific, environmental and socio-economic trends that affect the activities of its members.

ESFAM’s mission is to provide decision-makers and the public with objective information on the hunting and shooting firearms industry.

Our members

Our Members

The members of ESFAM are the leading manufacturers of hunting and sport shooting weapons in Europe. They represent the most prestigious brand names of the European industry in the world.

Our Partners

ESFAM is a member of all major firearms associations in Europe and in the world

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Our governance

The CEO’s of the Members are active members of the Board of ESFAM

A non profit international association of European Manufacturers
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