ESFAM and IEACS have expressed their concerns about the implementation of the EU Directive on marking of firearms and essential components into the national legislation of each Member State (deadline 17th January 2020).

In order to ensure a clear and unique marking of firearms and essential components in the European Union,  ESFAM and IEACS urge Member States:

  • not to set marking technical specifications in respect of essential parts which are stricter than those defined in the Directive;
  • not to require any non-essential components to be marked other than those set out in the Directive; adding further specifications and/or components would unnecessarily increase the differences between the rules applicable in each Member State and be detrimental to the free movement of goods and the competitive position of European manufacturers;
  • to adopt a general rule in their national legislation under which any set of rules on firearms and essential components marking which are applicable under legislation of other Member States (in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Directive), will automatically be recognized by their national authorities.

For more details please read the Position Paper of ASFAM and IEACS on this site.