The World Forum Shooting Association, a worldwide association of 50 hunting, shooting and industry organisations, has convened its plenary annual session in the city of Gent  from 25th to 27 September 2018. ESFAM participated to the session as a member of WFSA. Informations were exchanged amongst the participants from several countries (US, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, Sweden, Belgium, Netherlands etc…) on UN recent discussions on marking of firearms and ammunitions as well as on recent propositions of ECHA (European Chemical Association) on lead free ammunitions. ESFAM expressed its concerns on the implementation of the new Directive 2017/853 amending Firearms Directive 91/477.

The members of the Statistics Committee of WFSA exchanged datas from universities and independent organizations to feed the WFSA database in defence of the lawful ownership of civilian firearms. The WFSA is an official United Nations Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) recognized by the Economic and Social Council of the UN General Assembly.